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What Is Trichology?

Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp, devolving as a specialised discipline from Dermatology in 1902. Modern trichology is now a diverse para-medical field which embraces holistic non-drug therapies, orthodox medical practices where appropriate, aromatherapy and ayurvedic treatments. How your trichologist will treat you depends on their respective backgrounds and the country in which they practice.

A qualified trichologist has studied and successfully completed a recognised Trichology Education Program. Trichologists identify and treat all forms of hair loss, scalp disorders, and conditions related to the scalp environment.

Anyone can call themselves a ‘trichologist’ so always enquire about your consultant’s qualifications, experience and what treatments they can offer you.

Hair loss (or scalp issues) in women can be complex as there are often several issues influencing the state of the hair, and you’re consultant should know what to ask; test and look for. Women are more ‘at risk’ to disturbance in nutrient-metabolic-hormonal issues than are males, so scalp hair loss is often the initial symptom of internal disturbance or deficiency.

Why Consult a Trichologist?

There are many reasons why a person will begin to experience hair loss. The cause may be an inherited condition, hormonal, nutritional, physiological, autoimmune, psychological, or environmental, the taking of certain medication, the actions of a third party, or any combination of these.

Some hair loss problems may be temporary and self-correcting whilst others are corrected with nutritional/hormonal interventions. Conditions such as genetic thinning can be stabilised but not cured – whilst others cause permanent hair loss due to follicle destruction.

Simply put, the skill, training and experience of your consultant is paramount in identifying the nature of your problem. Salesmen calling themselves ‘hair loss consultants’ certainly don’t have this knowledge and generally offer one treatment program for all conditions.

Would you seriously ever consult a Doctor who suggested one remedy for every physical ailment?

Do All TRICHOLOGISTS have the same level of training?

Do a web search for trichology and you’ll currently receive 445,000 hits! So do they all undertake the same levels of training with the ability to assess and investigate your concerns? Are they able to offer you safe, effective and appropriate treatments you can’t just purchase at any pharmacy or health food store? The answer is a definite NO!