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Girl Curlying her hair

Female Hair Loss

Loss of scalp hair density in post-pubertal females is almost always a reflection of compromised nutrient-metabolic support to maintain uninterrupted follicle hair growth. Hormonal imbalance and synthetic hormonal therapy, digestion or malabsorption issues, and (sometimes) autoimmune conditions are also factors which influence hair growth.

Scalp hair follicles are in a continuous metabolically active state and require sustained nutrient-metabolic support for quality hair growth. However, scalp hair growth is a NON-essential priority for the body and is often the 1st pointer to nutrient-metabolic imbalance.

Women – in being female – are more prone to be deficient in the essential nutrients that support nutrient-metabolic balance than are males. Females are also more likely to develop an autoimmune or metabolic disturbance that may adversely affect hair density, weight and energy levels.