Client testimonials

Hello Mr. Pearce

As always thanks for all your advices and for sharing with me your vast knowledge. In the moments that my hair loss have caused more anguish to me across the time you always have been of a great support and following your recommendation has helped me to fight this disease. May God bless you and please let me keep in touch with you.


Mrs. H.D

Florida USA

Anthony was wonderfully helpful and supportive in assisting me to understand my hair loss. He has a calming and kind manner, and he takes the time to really explain what might be contributing factors. His expertise is clear, based on years of experience, and I felt comforted knowing the options we talked through were all based around what changes I would personally feel comfortable to make.

It has helped me a great deal to feel more in control of the situation and how to best look after not just my hair health, but my overall wellbeing. I would highly recommend Anthony’s service to anyone dealing with hair loss concerns. 


Positive: Professionalism – I visited Anthony earlier this year after I had experienced some rapid hair loss and I’m so glad I did. I wouldn’t be as healthy and where I am today if I didn’t visit him. He was very professional and explained so much to me that I didn’t realise was linked to hair loss. He has helped me in many ways with my health and I will always be so grateful! Don’t think twice about visiting him, it’s worth it! 

J Ms. T.N.

Hello Anthony – I took photos when I first started and I noticed recently there is fluff starting at the hairline and it doesn’t look as patchy. So I took more photos today to be sure I wasn’t making it up in my head. And sure enough I have the photos to prove my hair seriously looks better – definitely a good improvement! Thank you so much

Mrs. B.B.
(California USA)