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Male Hair Loss

Male androgenic alopecia (AKA ‘male genetic or pattern balding’) is the most common form of scalp hair loss seen in males. In post-pubertal males pre-disposed to exhibit androgenic alopecia, the process often reveals as temple recession, thinning of the crown, and a generalized thinning of hair across the top of the scalp.

How the condition exhibits itself and progresses is determined by numerous factors: ethnicity, genetic ‘loading’, health, diet, occupation and lifestyle. It is more common for males to show some degree of androgenic scalp hair loss than not, and only a fortunate few will avoid it in older age.

Androgenic alopecia is considered a part of male secondary sex characteristics after puberty along with increased facial and body hair, musculature and deeper voice. However young males do experience nutrient-metabolic disturbance that compromise the support of scalp hair growth and should always be part of initial clinical assessment before any hair regrowth treatments are prescribed.