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Welcome to our exclusive online trichology consultation service. We offer the only online diagnostic centre for men and women experiencing hair loss, scalp problems or hormonal disturbance.

What’s the process and what do I get for my money?

Successful treatment begins with a careful & detailed assessment of YOU:

  • Health, lifestyle, diet & physical activity (regular exercise, sports or occupation)
  • Allergies, environmental sensitivities, asthma, eczema, psoriasis or other inherited conditions should also be noted before considering treatment options.
  • Pathology testing for the very specific issues that influence hair & metabolic function. Initial assessment of blood/urine results will reveal underlying cause/s in 80% of clients.
  • Client symptoms sometimes require Gut and/or (saliva) hormone testing to complete the clinical picture.

Our consulting fee is AUD $350.00

Let’s Get Started!

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Men's Consultation
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Women's Consultation

Your online consultation will provide:

  • Skype conference for you to personally state your hair loss or scalp concerns & have your concerns or questions explained.
  • A written follow-up report of your completed questionnaire & Skype conference
  • Initial pathology request/s (either through your family Doctor or direct [non-Medicare] from Trichologist)
  • Gut (CDSA) and/or Saliva Hormone Profile test kits & request forms where required*.
  • Evaluation of your pathology results (once received) by written report or Skype review (20-30 minutes). This includes an individual treatment plan to correct the cause/s of your hair loss or scalp concern.
  • Access to ‘Practitioner only’ specialist Pharmacy (C-Pharmacy) for specifically-formulated supplements & other treatments not commercially available**.
  • Progress review 4-6 months to assess treatment effectiveness; includes pathology review of initial ‘out of range’ results (Skype conference & report summary by email)
  • Continuing progress review 8-12 months (if required for or by client); includes pathology continued evaluation as required (Skype conference & report summary by email)

Treatment milestones usually progress this way:

  • 1st indication of recovery is ‘feeling well’ in yourself – improved energy, less tired, improved sleep + concentration. This may be almost immediate or within 1-2months
  • 2nd is excessive hair loss with begin to settle + the quality + lustre of your hair will re-emerge. This process may take 3-4 months due to hair follicle ‘cycling’.
  • Noticeable scalp hair regrowth 3-6 minimum (up to 12months with some autoimmune conditions) months after disturbance is corrected and ‘target’ level for optimal nutrient-metabolic is maintained for at least 3months.
*excluding postage costs
**C-Pharmacy is an ’anti-ageing, health regeneration through nutrition’ pharmacy not open to the general public.
See What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Dear Anthony – Thank you very much for your thorough email … investigation of my scalp and pathology on Saturday. I'm very pleased to have become a client of yours, thank you for taking me on. Seeing you was very validating as most other health professionals have just dismissed my problem! It's also informative to know that my issue is more so diffuse generalised pattern of thinning rather than androgenic female pattern hair loss diagnosis I’d been given - this makes me feel more hopeful that it is rectifiable. All of the information you have provided so far has been very educational, far more so than any other source (professional or website!). Kind regards – Ms. M.K. Sydney NSW


Hi Anthony, So pleased and appreciative of all your help thus far, you’re truly an amazing human being. Thank you so much! I have never felt better and can only imagine how good I will feel in the months to come. Warm regards (Mrs) P. E. Illawarra NSW


Hi Anthony, This is to let you know that I am doing so much better and I appreciate your help in my recovery. My hair is starting to grow back and my energy levels have improved substantially. I am really happy that I came to see you. Thank you so much! Thank you and kind regards, Mrs. MK - Sydney NSW


Hi Anthony I just wanted to send you a short email to thank you for your help. I believe I am in recovery , today I had my hair done by a hairdresser and we discussed what I had been through. It was plain to see ... I have indeed plenty of hair regrowth. I am very much a fan of the supplements. I feel within myself a lot better energy wise and feel with more time my hair will get back to how it was. I intend to continue on this path and make progress. I thank you for being there with your knowledge and wisdom. Without your help I would of been left to fight this alone. Kind Regards Mrs. T.N. - Qld Sent from my iPhone


Dear Tony - Thank you so much! I can't express my gratitude for your help, support and wonderful, warm demeanor. (Mrs. K.Q. - Illawarra NSW)

- Anthony Pearce (posted verbatum from Client's text)

Dr. T as I affectionately call him was the ONLY person who cared enough to listen and probe and test to get to the bottom of my hair loss issues... and now I have hair again. And I live in the US and have never met Dr. T face-to-face - that's how good he is. Every other person I consulted prior to that was arrogant or bored or greedy or too lazy - or a combination of them all - to truly diagnose my issue.

- Mrs. S.G (North Carolina, USA)

Hi Tony, Thank you so much for your report; your information is so good I could almost cry at your knowledge. You have answered more and given me more insight in the last week than every GP or doctor has in the last 12-18 months. Kind regards - Mrs. N.Z. (Tasmania)


Hi Tony, I want to advise you that my beard hair has come back 100%. Most importantly I feel better than ever with the nutrient deficiencies you found and treated. (As my beard is very important to my Faith) ... I am ecstatic and over the moon! Thank you so much for all of your help!! Kind Regards, Mr. M.J - Melbourne, Vic.


Hi Anthony & Kim - I want to share this with you; I now have all new hair growth through the back, front & sides! My hairdresser of the past 20 years was almost in tears for me - along with me! I (still) pinch myself this & cannot thank you enough, I couldn't have achieved this without your help! Much love xx Ms. LB. NSW


Hi Tony I would just like to thank you and inform you that my hair has started growing back - better and stronger! You were so right! I have been eating properly (but still have to manage my stress). I think it will still take a little longer to get my full head of hair back, but I'm positive, and hope you think so too? Getting a scalp biopsy was the worst decision as the diagnosis they gave me freaked me out and made me stress so much my hair started rapidly falling out. I can't thank you enough for how patient, understanding and knowledgeable you are. Thank you again!! Ms. Kate P. (Sydney)

- Ms. Kate P.