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About Anthony Pearce

Anthony (Tony) Pearce – is a Specialist Trichologist* and the only practicing Trichologist in Australia from a background of formal health care training.

Anthony works in close association with some world leaders** in health & nutritional research. He applies this knowledge to the science of Trichology – which he professionally practises to a much more in-depth skill than most of his peers.

Through a specialist ‘anti-aging, health regeneration’ Pharmacy, he provides his Clients access to sophisticated, effective nutrient therapies & hair treatment/s which are NOT commercially available to the average consumer.

Anthony’s professional area of interest is female hair loss from nutritional-metabolic-hormonal or autoimmune disturbance. He is credited in being the first to identify two forms of androgenic alopecia in women:

The most commonly diagnosed ‘genetically-inherited’ female pattern thinning (even when there appears to be NO known Family history

‘Acquired’ androgenic alopecia from metabolic/hormonal compensatory mechanisms – a more frequently seen condition in my experience .

Children + young adults presenting with Alopecia areata or other scalp hair concerns is also area of expertise for Anthony. His research & clinical experience has indicated Gut dysbiosis (including atopic sensitivity leading to Gluten, Dairy or other intolerance) as a persistent + overwhelming trigger (>90%) for Alopecia areata in young children.

**Anthony Pearce was officially recognised as “part of a small list of prestigious and influential experts in the Asia Pacific region” (7th Asia Beauty Technology Symposium – 2015)

****Official Supporter of the Women’s Subscription Enterprise (WSE) – assisting homeless & marginalized Women in Australia

Professional Training, Qualifications + Affiliations

  • Registered Nurse Training (General + Post-Grad. Psychiatry) – The St. George Hospital (1982-1985)+ Cumberland Hospital (1987-88) – Sydney NSW
  • Associate Member – Australasian College Nutritional + Environmental Medicine – www.acnem.org
  • Member – Vitamin D Council (USA) – www.vitamindcouncil.org
  • Certificate III Pathology Collection (Southern IML) – 2013
  • Associate Professional Member – Coeliac Society NSW/ACT

Official Consulting Positions

  • Procter + Gamble (P+G) – promotional & media Trichology authority
  • Print + General Media hair loss ‘expert’- Channel 7’s ‘Live Well’, MamaMia Women’s Network website, Various Women’s Lifestyle & Health magazines (2015-16)

Professional/Clinical Mentor/s & Advisors

  • Dr. Philip Van Zanden (UNSW) – autoimmune thyroid + adrenal disorders and nutrient/metabolic influence on same.
  • Mr. Arthur Chan (Hair Health Foundation) – supplemental nutrition, hair + skin issues.
  • Mr. Bob Harrison (Compounding Pharmacist – ACNEM) – pharmaceutical + compounding advances (such as Equol/Equol ultra + other specialised nutrient/natural treatments.
  • Dr. Peter Baratosy (Fellow – ACNEM) – hormonal, Gut researcher + lecturer
  • Dr. John Cannell MD – Director of the Vitamin D Council (USA)
  • Dr. John Lee – Thyroid & other hormones researcher + lecturer (Brisbane, Australia)

Anthony established his Trichology practice in 1999 & provides an informational website and online consultation service for people seeking accurate information, diagnosis and treatment –www.hairlossclinic.com.au.

Anthony has lectured in Europe (Sweden) + the USA to Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists + Cosmetologists on the clinical application of LLLT for hair, scalp + skin problems.

He is the only Trichologist offering a pathology collection service to Clients who do not have access to Australian Medicare (international FIFO Clients, students or on working visas)

He is dedicated to having the hair loss industry regulated to a compulsory Trichology qualification standard and official governing body, so consumers may begin to have confidence in this hitherto ‘high-risk’ industry (for consumers).

Dear Tony - Thank you so much! I can't express my gratitude for your help, support and wonderful, warm demeanor. (Mrs. K.Q. - Illawarra NSW)

- Anthony Pearce (posted verbatum from Client's text)

Dear Tony, Thank you so very much – this is such a valuable and worthwhile process and I’m so pleased you set me on this path. Kind regards - Mrs. DP. (Sydney)


Dr. T as I affectionately call him was the ONLY person who cared enough to listen and probe and test to get to the bottom of my hair loss issues... and now I have hair again. And I live in the US and have never met Dr. T face-to-face - that's how good he is. Every other person I consulted prior to that was arrogant or bored or greedy or too lazy - or a combination of them all - to truly diagnose my issue.

- Mrs. S.G (North Carolina, USA)