Iodine – what it is + why it is SO important for Women.

In terms of metabolic importance, Iodine is deemed the next most essential (trace) nutrient after iron. Simply put: Iodine deficiency = compromised thyroid hormone production (Baratosy: 2005). Iodine is essential for the making of thyroid hormone; thyroid hormone has the most profound influence on body…

‘Premature grey hair’ – what it is and why it happens

‘Premature greying’ is defined as onset before age 20 in Caucasians + before age 30 in people of dark skin colour. In younger people what they see as ‘grey’ hair is actually a mixture of white & pigmented (or colored) hair – or ‘vellus’ hair…

Chronic health or hair loss problems? Methylation may be your answer…

What is Methylation? The Methylation cycle is an essential bio-chemical process which occurs in all mammals to detoxify, synthesise DNA/RNA and repair our cells. Methylation is crucial to production and activation of our brain chemicals (termed: neurotransmitters), hormone regulation and certain metabolic functions.

alopecia areata

JAK inhibitors in Trichology

‘Janus kinase’ (JAK) inhibitors are a group of pharmaceutical drug – principally Ruxolitinib/Tofacitinib (1) – which clinical trials have shown to be ‘promising’ in the medical treatment of autoimmune (scalp) hair loss, androgenic alopecia and other dermatological conditions (2).

The Principles of Follicle Hair Growth

Hair is considered a NON-essential skin appendage in nutrient-metabolic-hormonal terms, and is frequently the FIRST tissue to have support for growth withdrawn when body balance is disturbed.  Shedding/thinning of your scalp hair density is often an initial primary symptom* of internal disturbance, deficiency or emerging…

Hair Loss in the post-menopausal woman

Menopause is often termed ‘the getting of wisdom’ – a time when a woman has fulfilled her childbearing years, and begins the journey toward a deeper level of self-discovery and spiritual awareness. Unfortunately this journey is occasionally beset with some decline in health or physical…

The ticking (hormonal) time bomb in Women

I wrote an article: Hormonal (contraceptive) therapy – its effects on hair & health; here are the graphic effects of Copper toxicity produced by the taking synthetic oestrogen in oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT):

Problems of the Gut and its effects on the hair

I’m unsure how much other practitioners see the links between health, hair loss and a ‘problematic’ gastrointestinal tract (Gut), but I regularly find there is a strong causal association in many Clients.