Problems of the Gut and its effects on the hair

I’m unsure how much other practitioners see the links between health, hair loss and a ‘problematic’ gastrointestinal tract (Gut), but I regularly find there is a strong causal association in many Clients.

Why Iron levels remain Low

Iron is arguably the most important nutrient to our body’s functioning because it ’switches-on’ most body systems; very little is activated within the body without sufficient iron. Iron storage (termed: ‘Ferritin’) is the accepted stable + most reliable indicator of the body’s true iron status.

The Melatonin-Cortisol hormone correlation

Melatonin is a rarely discussed – or understood – hormone that is indispensable to our health and quality of life. Melatonin is a neuropeptide (form of amino acid) secreted principally by the pineal gland in the brain.

The Erosion of clinical Trichology – my distress

I may be traditional in my views on ethical behaviour but to me the raison d’etre’ of a qualified Trichologist is: Investigation (of the patient’s presenting problem) Explanation (as to the type of hair or scalp problem the patient exhibits and contributing causes through the…


Andropause – the ‘Male Change of Life’

The male ‘mid-life’ or ‘change of life’ crisis has long been regarded an amusing anecdote; middle-aged men running off with the young secretary or purchasing a new red sports car. The reality is men can & do experience life-altering changes due to decreasing hormone levels…

Unsuccessful IVF & thinning scalp hair density – what’s the connection?

Unsuccessful IVF & thinning scalp hair density – what’s the connection? The Scenario: Young woman in her 20’s actively but unsuccessfully attempting to become pregnant. Similarly late 30’s – early 40’s woman aware of her ‘biologic clock’ & desperately seeking assistance with fertility enhancement from…

‘Cleanskin’ Activance – or another scam from ‘Sam the man’??

Dear Readers, I have been alerted to an online website apparently devoted to the tracking & ‘exposure’ of the “colorful” Sam Cohen. Cohen has a long & notorious history in this industry & I’ll leave it to the interested reader to acquaint themselves. My concern…

Welcome to the World of ‘Macaroni Medicine’..

Bland & simple; readily prepared, served up & swallowed – and everyone gets the same! Welcome to the world of ‘Macaroni Medicine’…! Regrettably this is now modern orthodox medicine in the 21st century – and as an observer – I’m unsure if it’s the Doctors…

“Hello … are you a real Trichologist..?”

“Hello … are you a real Trichologist..?”  was initially the odd opening question I received from a young married Mother recently. After assuring her I believed I was, she proceeded to tell me how she’d seen two other individuals calling themselves ‘Trichologists’ – but who…