Why consider Anthony Pearce Trichology?

Tony Pearce – Specialist Trichologist – is the Practitioner you see from initial consultation to conclusion of treatment. Unlike the multinational ‘sales-driven’ hair loss companies, you aren’t subjected to a ‘play on your hair loss anxieties’ sales pitch or locked into a signed, legal and binding contract before you might get to see one of their sub-contracted prescription writers.

Unlike the multinational hair loss companies, Tony Pearce views his professional responsibility to:

  • assess and identify your particular hair or scalp concern
  • establish the origins of your problem through specific pathology testing
  • verbally (or by written report) aid your understanding of any causative factors
  • advise you on the particular nutritional/topical or other treatments you may require for your individual hair or scalp concern

Tony Pearce does NOT:

  • Cajole you in to signing any ‘lock-in’ contracts whatsoever
  • Have you advance-purchase 6,8 or 12 months of treatments at (typically) very inflated prices over what you would expect to pay at your local Pharmacy. How shocked would you be if you consulted your Family Doctor and discovered you’d signed a contract to pay for treatment for the NEXT six months; treatments that your Doctor received a commission for selling you..??
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Tony Pearce is regarded as a leading holistic* hair loss expert both in Australia and internationally. Despite their 10/10 claims – I do NOT know of any Doctor who might refer their patients to a multinational ‘sales-driven’ hair loss company.
  • Your progress and product treatment suitability (including allergy potential) is not left to the judgement of an untrained sales person; Tony Pearce is always your personal and only contact in matters related to your treatment.

Hair or scalp problems for Women – and often for Men – are frequently a first indicator of nutritional deficiency or metabolic disturbance within the body. Identifying those imbalances are key to successful treatment – and often a return to better health for the Client.

Multinational hair loss companies with their ‘one treatment suits fits all’ sales approach rarely succeeds -particularly with females – simply because every person is an individual with individual treatment needs…

Other Considerations:

In all industries and professions we all know there is ‘training’ and there is recognised ‘academic training’: some ‘trichology courses’ are little more than introductions or overviews to the discipline; as an adjunct to a hairdressing trade certificate – or a very basic in-house ‘training’ with some commercial hair loss clinics where the term ‘Trichology or Trichologist’ is more a sales gimmick rather than offering any real expert or UNBIASED advice.

Thoroughly research the person or organisation you are entrusting your hair care (as well as your money) with. If your chosen Practitioner appears NOT to have an understanding, appreciation or cannot interpret your presenting symptoms or pathology results – you are most UNLIKELY to have a successful treatment outcome (and your time and money wasted).

These ‘pseudo-Trichologists’ are NOT genuine representatives of Trichology’s unique specialism – and as such are barred from becoming members of credible Trichology Associations**

Whilst I have the utmost respect for most Dermatologists it’s CLIENTS I see who often relate the advice given was rudimentary or of limited value. After almost 20 years in the hair loss industry, I’ve formed the view orthodox Dermatologists appear limited in their scope of treatment options and still cling to the belief that all forms of Cortisone, anti-androgen or some form of hormonal therapy (HRT/ the ‘Pill’) are the universal panacea to hair loss problems.

When considering your Practitioner and treatment options I would urge you to believe that YOU intuitively know your body better than anyone else; that changes in the state of your hair – thinning, falling-out or excessively dull (or oily), dry and brittle hair is reflecting internal disturbance. As a non-essential appendage of the skin in nutrient-metabolic terms – changes in scalp hair density or condition is almost always the first tissue to be affected when the body is under stress***.

When considering your Practitioner and treatment options – I ask you to look beyond the slick, embellished advertising of the multinational hair loss companies fronted sporting personalities or television actors in white coats – and consider Anthony Pearce Trichology – a recognised authority in hair loss.

* ‘Holistic’ means assessing, identifying and treating (where required) ALL areas (nutritional, metabolic, hormonal, autoimmunity) within the body that may be the causation to hair or scalp problems; NOT just a temporary suppression or band-aiding of the problem with prescription drug medication.

** World Trichology Society (WTS) or The Trichological Society (UK)

*** Physiological (ie: inner body disturbance, deficiency or dysfunction) as well as emotional stress.