Welcome to the World of ‘Macaroni Medicine’..

Bland & simple; readily prepared, served up & swallowed – and everyone gets the same!

Welcome to the world of ‘Macaroni Medicine’…!

Regrettably this is now modern orthodox medicine in the 21st century – and as an observer – I’m unsure if it’s the Doctors we’re seeing and the pressure they are under to ‘see’ endless numbers of Patients at the expense of quality clinical time with each Patient? A pre-requisite for many city practices, is Doctors are required to see 40 – & up to 80 – patients per day (Van Zanden: 2016).! Do the sums on that to see  ‘time spent’ with each patient – or how long the Doctor is expected to work in a day?

It could the ‘tunnel-vision’ they are taught to practice general community medicine i.e.: ‘treat one complaint per consultation visit – and treat the symptom as there seemingly is not the time to explore the cause? This may explain why a growing number of practitioners (including myself) are members of ‘progressive’ health associations such as ACNEM & NIIM*

Or can it be that pharmaceutical drug companies now ‘fund’ the vast majority of ongoing education & ‘research’ grants for orthodox medicine? Hardly NOT a conflict of interest…

The inexorable push by all elected Federal & State Governments to place a $$ value on each health minute so only ‘proof of life’ is established in the generic pathology testing of basic body functioning – and ‘screening’ (read: preventative medical testing) is not condoned.

I believe it’s a combination of all the above.

“We don’t test for that in this practice…” is a comment made by some Doctors when requested to test for common deficiencies such as the trace element Iodine. If that’s not puzzling enough they have been known to continue: “What would we do with the result…? If it’s outside of range then we have an obligation to treat it (so we don’t test)…”??!!

My Clients regularly relate this kind of bizarre statement from the medical practitioner they’ve consulted, but I heard this from my partner’s own doctor when I accompanied her to seek advice about a number of unexplained inflammatory skin & joint flare-ups she’d recently suffered.

“Mosquito or sand-fly bites” he flatly declared … “But Doctor what about her previously elevated blood glucose & insulin with an unexplained weight gain of 10kgs in twelve months?” I asked.“Aren’t these indications of Metabolic Syndrome and/or low Cortisol (the body’s anti-inflammatory hormone)?” “Your blood sugar has to be ‘high enough’ (read: you must clinically already be diabetic) for us to treat it – and we don’t test for these (Insulin or Cortisol) in this practice….

He then showed us the door….

Of course three of the cornerstone symptoms I’m relating are of Metabolic Syndrome – a pre-diabetic state where the core of the condition is the body cells begin to lose their sensitivity to Insulin to ‘push’ the Glucose into the cells.

Common symptoms which define Metabolic Syndrome – and it’s more severe manifestation Insulin Resistance – is elevated blood Insulin, elevated blood Glucose, unexplained weight gain, raised Cholesterol, Uric acid and blood pressure.

That’s now the fundamental & endemic problem with ‘modern’ orthodox medicine in that it’s moved away from being a health model & become a disease model. In practical terms it means if you develop an illness, disease or have an accident ‘see a Doctor’but if you just want to stay healthy & prevent illness – DON’T see an orthodox medically-trained Doctor.

Another classic example of twisted mindset is the known relationship between Iodine & Vitamin D deficiency and the risk of breast disease (malignancies).

Leading medical researchers (Lee: 2007; Baratosy: 2005; Brownstein: 2008) as well as progressive medical associations such as ACNEM & the Vitamin D Council (www.vitamindcouncil.org) suggest that a woman is at 25-50% more risk of developing breast disease if she is chronically deficient in one or both of these nutrients.

Conversely repletion of deficient levels potentially reduces a woman’s risk of developing breast disease by the same percentages.

Does our Government reduce this risk by screening our women once or twice yearly for these common deficiencies – the cost would be less than a tank of fuel for a small car? NO – it appears they’ve been duped for decades by vested medical interests from all quarters** for high technology screening – and when the cancer is in situ – surgically remove, irradiate or ‘chemo’ the woman’s breast.

Simply put: don’t spend $50 on preventative screening with a boring blood & urine sample – await the ‘cancer’ diagnoses and have the health budget pay many hundreds of thousands of dollars for ‘sexy’ medicine and its hi-tech paraphernalia.

‘Treat the cause not just the symptoms‘: I recently read over a ‘health page’ in a daily tabloid – not my usual method of acquiring new knowledge – but I was struck by the consistent recommendations from it’s ‘holistic GP’.

Someone had supposedly written to this page asking about recurrent (vaginal) thrush; Doctor’s remedy: anti-fungal antibiotics, pessaries*** or ‘suppressive therapy’ (whatever that means).

Has the good ‘holistic and very young GP’ ever read that low iron – the most common nutrient deficiency in menstruating women – is also the commonest cause of recurrent vaginal thrush?

She also states “the use of probiotics …. Dietary changes have not shown to be as effective in treating recurrent thrush”. This is partly true IF the underlying cause is iron deficiency – but in combination with supplementing iron stores back to optimal – they would likely be very effective at eliminating thrush without the use of an ‘antibiotic airstrike’!

If this reads as ‘Doctor bashing’ – it isn’t – but I relate what almost every Woman who consults me inherently understands: undue tiredness, loss of scalp hair, general feelings of anxiety, diminished libido and many other symptoms are the result of some deficiency or disturbance within the body – and it isn’t ‘normal’ to feel this way.

Despite having to physically ‘drag’ themselves out to the Doctor’s surgery, many Women then encounter trivializing platitudes of “you’re fine – your blood tests are with normal range” or “it’s just your stage of life”; “all Women lose hair” etc.

I would ask:

Is your Doctor treating YOU or your pathology results?

You live in your body and you know will always know it best… – stand on that truism & don’t let go!!

Copyright Anthony Pearce 2016

*ACNEM – Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (www.acnem.org ) & NIIM – National Institute of Integrative Medicine

**Various Cancer organisations, medical scanning/imaging manufacturers, drug companies, medical specialists

***‘Pessaries’ are (usually) medication or hormonal therapy for inserting into body cavities such as the vagina