Male Treatments

Overview of Treatment Approach

As a qualified treatment practitioner for hair + scalp problems, my responsibilities to you is to identify + establish the cause/s of your condition, AND suggest the most appropriate treatment option/s for you*.

Whilst most hair loss companies offer a ‘one treatment fits all’ standard treatment regime for genetic balding in males – I regularly find nutritional deficiency or metabolic disturbance in the pathology testing I suggest. Internal nutritional deficiency or metabolic disturbance would adversely influence the successful outcome of any hair loss treatment regime. ‘Optimal results’ are best achieved by a thorough history evaluation, specific pathology testing, and appropriate treatment/s (or referral) to correct any disturbance. Following your initial consultation and pathology assessment, this is the usual treatment approach I suggest for my male clients:

Initial treatment accelerators

Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT): is a safe, versatile + effective treatment modality where increasing skin blood flow (vaso-dilation) + decreasing inflammatory response is indicated (almost every skin condition). LLLT will potentiate the effects of Activance and accelerate healing/recovery of the hair loss or scalp problem whilst underlying cause/s is being corrected– which takes longer to ‘reflect’ in the hair ***

Activance Rhodanide (and/or) advance-formulated Minoxidil topical solutions: the regular use of these topical treatments will accelerate scalp hair density recovery whilst underlying cause/s is being corrected. Activance Practitioner Series topical hair treatment is only available from select authorised Practitioners such as Anthony Pearce Trichology. Patient trials indicate combining both topicals provides optimal results (where indicated) as the active ingredient (Rhodanide) is a DHT-antagonist.

Nutrient therapy for optimal hair growth & body function

Appropriate nutrient therapy supplementation (as determined by pathology results): ‘all inclusive’** natural + effective nutritional treatment tailored to the individual client’s nutritional needs in a four or eight month treatment program (with review at 4-6 months). This may also include Iodine, Vitamin D, Zinc Complex or Gut treatment products as required.

**Announcing Vitamin D formulation Breakthrough: The use Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) as a base to replace current fish oil or flax seed oil bases is a most important advance in both safety & efficacy for those Clients who are Vitamin D deficient, but who also have a history of seafood or nut allergies. Taken just before -or with the main meal of the day minimises risk of upset stomach and enhances the absorption Vitamin D (>X10). There is NO longer any requirement for this supplement to be taken with a protein meal – just with one’s main meal (Chan: 2015

FDA/TGA-approved oral medication*** (with prescription) that’s proven to stabilise genetic balding in >80% males. ***Finesteride or Dutesteride

‘Hair loss specific’ Saw Palmetto/Siberian Ginseng Complex developed by Australia’s leading Research Pharmacist explicitly to lower Testosterone-DHT ratios AND as a tonic for male reproductive/urological health. This is NOT just another Saw Palmetto product..!!.. Can also be safely taken by women to lower Testosterone (TT) levels + alter TT pathways (by converting TT back to Oestrogen)

**The combined use of ALL the above treatments have been shown to provide the best outcome in the quickest time for our clients but may be modified to personal, distance & financial considerations**

Hi Tony, I just wanna let you know that the treatment is going great so far, the (nutritional supplement) powder has really helped. My energy and concentration have rapidly improved over the past few weeks and I honestly can say that I feel like a completely different person. Also my anxiety, which was a big issue has improved dramatically, overall I just feel better, it's hard to describe but its great. The way I have been feeling as of late has been amazing, so thank you so much for that!! Mr. J.D (Sydney)


I really do feel that the condition of my hair has improved and that I have gone some ways toward arresting the inevitable to a rate I am happy with... also, you were great laser company and I am glad personally that you were the provider of my treatment. If I can help out your new clients with the reassurance side of things let me know - just send them my way.

- David P - Sydney

It is great to see results with your treatments in such a short time. I notice a difference especially when I style my hair, I can style it in ways that I could only style it a few years ago. I also notice that I am losing less hair in general and my hair feels healthier, thicker as well. Can’t wait to see the final result!

- Mr. K.H - Sydney (Company Director)
Be cautious of the following

If the person you are consulting has NO formal qualifications other than to parade themselves as ‘Hair Loss Consultants, “Experts” or “Specialists”.

If the price they are asking is $$hundreds for Minoxidil or other product. There is a Minoxidil pricing schedule for the various formulations, & the cost of a sophisticated compounded Minoxidil formulation should presently not exceed $150 per 100ml bottle – and you may claim a private health rebate with some funds.

If you are asked to pay for the entire treatment program ‘up-front’ or they insist on you purchasing a 12-month supply. Should you have an adverse reaction to treatment or see no results after some months, you have no bargaining power if the company already has all your money.

If the people you are consulting tell you they add ‘secret ingredients’ to their Minoxidil or other product to enhance its effectiveness. It is illegal for anyone other than a Registered Pharmacist or Doctor to alter a pharmaceutical medication.

Whilst topical Minoxidil is generally regarded as a safe medication, it may pose serious potential risk to a highly allergic or chemically-sensitive person. Whether or not these medications are appropriate for your hair loss problem should be assessed by a qualified health professional, & early use carefully monitored.