Biologic Anti-Ageing

Experience, expertise, results – that’s what we guarantee at Anthony Pearce Trichology – but we are just not all about treating hair loss or scalp problems!

Biologic Anti-Ageing Treatment

C-Pharmacy’s focused molecular nutritionals; low level laser light therapy (LLLT) & appropriate topicals may assist in slowing ‘biologic’ ageing of the body. A complete pathology ‘work-up’ of assessment, bloods, hormone assay****& Gut issues as appropriate would be undertaken to obtain a concise and individual clinical picture. Note: this is not beauty or facial skin therapy, but a nutritional & light therapy ‘slowing’ of biologic ageing to chronological ageing (ie: one’s age in years.*****)

Molecular Nutrition & Topical treatments

Our long & close association with C-Pharmacy* – a specialist health regeneration and anti-ageing (through nutrition) Pharmacy allows our Clients unique access to ‘molecular grade’ nutritional supplements which are specifically-tailored to the Client’s individual needs for optimal treatment outcomes.

Pharmacist + Regenerative Medical Specialist Mr. Arthur Chan is acknowledged as this country’s most progressive researcher in natural, nutrient therapies for hair, skin & general health conditions. Mr. Chan is credited with establishing the causal link between Vitamin D deficiency and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) more than 40 years ago**.

Individually-tailored supplement powders which contain over 50 synergistically-balanced nutrients & 23 amino acids are the cornerstone of our treatment success where deficiency or metabolic disturbance are causative factors in hair loss or scalp concerns.

Cleansers, shampoos/conditioners as well as a large range of topical treatment options for the effective treatment of hair loss or scalp/skin problems available through C-Pharmacy & Anthony Pearce Trichology is another key to our success!

We invite you to view testimonials & Client comments at our website, Blog & Facebook. They are a blend of praise for the professional expertise of Anthony Pearce and witness to the effectiveness of the treatment products we can exclusively offer!
Functional Pathology Testing & Assessment

To establish why your body may be causing you concern with stomach upset, lethargy or continually feeling unwell; weight gain, painful joints or muscles, mood disturbance – and hair loss in its many forms – one must first consider how body systems ‘function’.

Anthony Pearce Trichology offers the following services through a nationally-accredited Functional Laboratory***:

1. Complete Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA)

To fully assess gut function, production of digestive hormones, gut ‘energy’ levels, normal gut flora as well as parasites & other detrimental pathogens. A CDSA compares how one’s gut is functioning against how it should optimally be functioning. Colonoscopy/Endoscopy are important medical investigations, but assess alimentary canal ‘structure’ & gut wall integrity – not how the gut is actually performing.

2. Saliva Hormone Profile (SHP)

A more sensitive + non-invasive test to assess hormones; particularly Cortisol hormone (produced in the Adrenal glands). Assaying salivary hormones in most cases is far more accurate than blood because saliva only reflects hormones which are ‘bio-available’ (i.e.: hormones that are available to the body). Persistent inflammatory conditions, mood disturbance, ‘no energy’, ‘pre-mature ageing, declining sex hormones in middle-age (women + men) are just some indications to consider SHP assay.

3. Functional Liver Detoxification Profile (FLDP)

Considered a secondary line test after bloods & CDSA. FLDP is a very useful non-invasive test to gauge Phase I + II liver detoxification pathway functioning. This test is a combined saliva + urine test following Aspirin; Paracetamol, and Caffeine (tablets) challenge. A blood ‘Liver Function Test’ (LFT) by comparison actually reflects liver enzyme cell distress or ‘death’ – not how one’s liver is or is not performing its essential detoxification duties.

*C-Pharmacy’s treatment products are NOT sold over-the-counter, and generally only available through Practitioner prescribing + treatment supervision.
** Mr. Chan’s research was incomprehensively dismissed by State & Federal Heath Depts. only to be confirmed by British researchers in 2010.
*** Healthscope Functional Laboratories
****Salivary hormone Profile in combination with blood pathology testing
*****Readers are encouraged to view the article ‘The Laser Therapy Revival’ at this website