The ticking (hormonal) time bomb in Women

I wrote an article: Hormonal (contraceptive) therapy – its effects on hair & health; here are the graphic effects of Copper toxicity produced by the taking synthetic oestrogen in oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT):

An interstate new Client recently consulted me in desperation following two years of ill-health and hair loss – with no answers forthcoming from her doctors.

Her history:

  1. Had her 1st and only child at age 39.
  2. Prescribed an oral contraceptive (OCP) for contraception.
  3. Perceived an increasing shed of her scalp hair and continual thinning of her scalp hair density.
  4. Began to experience mood disturbance as anxiety and bouts of depression.
  5. She went from being “quite thin” rapidly up to 130 kgs – which is morbidly obese for her
  6. She developed Insulin Resistance – a pre-diabetic state – eventuating in Type 2 (Adult-onset) diabetes.
  7. Her scalp hair loss continued to accelerate so that her scalp is now fully exposed.

My initial findings:

  • Having completed her history assessment, she provided some recent blood pathology testing a local Doctor had authorised. These revealed:
    • Deficiencies of Zinc and Active B12 (termed: Holo TC)
    • Poor iron ‘availability’
    • Elevated Cholesterol and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
    • Thyroid hormone levels suggesting low thyroid function
  • Because her out-of-range zinc, SHBG and thyroid hormone levels alluded to corruptive oestrogen influences, I requested some additional testing through her Doctor in order to definitively establish the origins of this woman’s desperate health concerns.


  • 1st local doctor: “there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just overweight”…
  • 2nd local doctor: “Medicare is not there to test for hair loss” ….

A 3rd Doctor did consent to some additional testing I requested, with the following results:

  • Copper levels grossly elevated at 56umol/L (range is 12-24umol/L)
  • Fasting Insulin was clearly elevated at 37mU/L (target is less than10mU/L). This despite being prescribed and taking the anti-hyperglycaemic medication Metformin.
  • Elevated fasting blood glucose and Vitamin D ‘insufficiency’ (i.e.: less than 75nmol/L)

In response to the elevated Copper this woman’s 3rd Doctor allegedly remarked: “Copper is high but that’s OK it’s because you’re on the Pill…”??

It’s obviously NOT OK for a 43 year old woman with a 4 year old pre-schooler to be so Copper-toxic* – with the adverse health consequences this entails – nor to have her diabetes so poorly managed that she was likely destined to early death.

I appreciate medical doctors cannot ‘know everything’, but if time was taken to listen to this woman’s history of rapid health deterioration and clinically assess possible reasons ‘why’ this may be happening – instead of making a subjective judgement on her weight – she would be feeling well sooner.

If you are a pre-menopausal woman; currently taking an OCP and can identify with these symptoms – please read my article ‘Hormonal (contraceptive) therapy …’ and consult your (hopefully progressive) medical Doctor.

*Once copper is in excess and too dominant in relation to zinc, it can exert what Baratosy (2005) describes as an ‘anti-nutrient’ – or toxic metal influence more so than lead or mercury. High copper levels restrict the absorption and utilisation of zinc (particularly), iron, magnesium, Vitamins B3, 5, 6, B12; Vitamins C and E, and certain trace elements.

Copyright: Anthony Pearce 2017.