The Principles of Follicle Hair Growth

Hair is considered a NON-essential skin appendage in nutrient-metabolic-hormonal terms, and is frequently the FIRST tissue to have support for growth withdrawn when body balance is disturbed.  Shedding/thinning of your scalp hair density is often an initial primary symptom* of internal disturbance, deficiency or emerging disease process.

Optimal hair growth, quality & density is dependent on un-interrupted activity within the hair follicle, and therefore highly sensitive to any internal or external events that might disrupt follicle phasing.

A positive aspect to this is that disturbance in hair growth is a ‘signal’ from your body that all is not well – a wise person listens to the body which they inhabit and best understand!

The body will ONLY commence to re-support follicle hair growth once internal disturbance is stabilised; nutrient deficiency is corrected to the levels required to support ‘appendage growth’ (hair and nails) – and sustained for 3-4 months to allow for follicle phasing.

It then follows that attempting to treat scalp hair loss FIRST or in isolation to assessing and treating the underlying disturbances causing scalp hair thinning will almost always result in a poor outcome.

Reduction of excessive scalp hair loss can also take up to 3-4 months, but topical treatment intervention has been shown to reduce this to 3-4 weeks with diligent application.**

Where scalp hair thinning is a consequence of nutrient deficiency, treatment milestones should usually progress this way:

  • 1st indication of recovery is ‘feeling well’ in yourself – improved energy, less tired, improved sleep + concentration. This may be almost immediate or within 1-3 months
  • 2nd is excessive hair loss with begin to settle + the quality + lustre of your hair will begin to re-establish. This process may take 3-4 months due to hair follicle ‘cycling’.
  • Although variables associated with the cause/s of the hair loss must be appreciated, scalp hair regrowth should begin to appear within 4 months (up to 6-12 months with some autoimmune conditions) after disturbance is corrected and ‘target’ level for optimal nutrient-metabolic is maintained for at least 3 months.

Whilst we live in a hedonistic world of ‘I want it now’,  human physiology has learnt to patiently prioritise its needs over a million years of evolution – and body hair is now a lesser priority for modern humans in terms of thermal regulation than it was for our cave-dwelling ancestors. As such our slow but continuing evolution has de-prioritised hair as a necessity for our survival.

*Primary symptoms for NON-androgenic scalp hair loss are:

  1. (Scalp) hair thinning or loss; sudden + excessive OR slow and imperceptible.
  2. Tiredness or general fatigue – both of the body and mind.
  3. Mood disturbance as anxiety, irritability, feeling ‘stressed’ or depressed mood
  4. (Sometimes) changes in weight.

**Activance Practitioner Formula (PF) trials (Chan: 2017): 5-7.5 mls (as 20-30 sprays) once daily OR 5 mls (as 40 sprays total) TWICE daily massaged in to the affected scalp areas. Low level laser light (LLLT) has also shown to be consistently effective in decreasing hair shed time frames.

Copyright Anthony Pearce: 2018