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What’s Next?

Specialist Trichologist, Anthony Pearce will complete a diagnostic report for you based on your individual questionnaire responses. Attached to this will be a ‘baseline’ blood test request for some specific pathology, which you print off & take to your GP/MD for authorising. Once your results are received via Fax OR Email , you will be contacted with information on any potential impact to your present hair loss condition.

Where appropriate we will also attach a prescription request for Minoxidil topical solution – take this to your GP/MD for authorising also. The advanced Minoxidil formulation we usually commence our patients on is not a prescription item per se, but if you wish to claim it with private health insurance, you need an official pharmacy receipt from us to do so.

Treatments are individual to the person’s problem’s; they are not expensive – just requiring some time, & conscientious application on your part. Supplying you with the appropriate treatment products is no problem; I post products all over the world.

In Australia almost all pathology testing & pharmaceutical products are claimable through either Medicare or private health insurance, but I’m unsure whether or not you can claim products in another country that were obtained through an overseas pharmacy.