“It just won’t help (in any lasting way)….”

Dear Readers –

As I’ve completed pathology reviews for my Clients to confirm the ’cause/s’ of their respective hair or scalp complaints, I’ve been reflecting on the orthodox treatments for hair loss by multi-national hair loss companies, Dermatologists and some Doctors.

These past weeks I’ve found as different causes for the Client’s hair loss as I have pathology testing I’m reporting on: iron deficiency anaemia, nutrient-metabolic-hormonal disturbance caused by taking an oral contraceptive, depleted iron stores in a 22yo NON-vegetarian male, previously undiagnosed autoimmune thyroiditis causing Alopecia areata, severe Gut dysbiosis from a dangerous organism that prevents nutrient absorption and ‘intestinal permeability’ (leaky Gut) resulting in severe Iodine deficiency.

As diverse as all these problems are, NONE would be helped by prescribing anti-androgen medication, Minoxidil, Cortisone, Laser therapy* – or the ‘one program fits all’ over-priced treatments of the high profile multi-national hair loss companies.

Clients who consult me readily identify with the additional symptoms associated in their respective deficiency/s or internal disturbance, as well as understanding ‘why & how’ their hair or scalp could be adversely affected.

To my ongoing bewilderment, orthodox Doctors & Dermatologists often seem unable to grasp this simple concept: the state of a person’s hair or skin is a total reflection of internal deficiency or disturbance. It may be nutritional deficiency, metabolic disturbance, hormonal imbalance or the triggering of an autoimmune condition where one’s immune system attacks the host.

Whilst Women commonly experience deficiencies of their iron, Vitamin D, Iodine or Zinc which then results in low metabolic & thyroid functioning – I have NEVER observed a Client suffering from a deficiency of Minoxidil, Spironolactone (Aldactone), Cortisone or synthetic HRT!!

I was going to add that the two major multi-national hair loss companies operating in Australia “don’t count” as they’re well-known sales-driven corporations fronted by paid-on-commission salespersons with little or no formal training in Trichology.

EXCEPT both now present themselves as ‘Medical Hair Loss Clinics/Centres’ whilst still flogging their ‘one program fits all’ over-priced treatment contracts. I dubbed them ‘Shayne & Ashlee’ but they’re more Tweedledee and Tweedledum these days:

  • Both claim a 98% “success” rate for hair regrowth by using a ‘smoke & mirrors’ study done many years ago where Minoxidil was poured onto a 1cm x 1cm scalp area to promote scalp follicle hair growth.
  • Both apparently claim (when you speak with them) 10/10 Doctors recommend them. I would cynically suggest it’s because 10/10 orthodox Doctors know little or nothing of the nuances of hair loss. That’s probably ‘why’ one these companies OWN sub-contracted Doctors call a (female) Client and gave her my name.!?!

In summary – there is NO one answer or treatment to a hair loss or scalp condition. Each must be identified, assessed & investigated on its merits – and treated appropriately with the Practitioner’s experience, knowledge AND pathology-based evidence as to cause. Tweedledee and Tweedledum have never had (and never will have) the ‘magic’ program to effect a 98% success rate with every hair loss condition.

* Laser therapy (LLLT) can assist as a treatment ‘accelerator’ as part of a combined treatment approach