IMPORTANT !! Update on Vitamin D supplementation

An as yet unpublished longitudinal study* suggests there is NO minimal ‘across the board’ RDI (supplementation) for 25-OH Vitamin D.

I would argue no-one is surprised than me, as I’ve long trumpeted the Vitamin D view (+ that of other progressive researchers) 5000IU/day is minimum to lift one’s Vitamin D levels out of deficiency. My previous Post (July 2011) ‘Important Update on Vitamin D’ related that due to genetic mutations (termed ‘SNP’s) – some individuals did NOT require or were not able to tolerate too much Vitamin D supplementation before it had an adverse effect on their thyroid function.

This current study now suggests some individuals need as little as 100IU/day whilst others may require up to 25,000IU/day!! The Doctor overseeing this more than decade-long study advocates patients with 1st encounter Vitamin D deficiency be prescribed only 1000IU/day for 3 months + re-test. If still deficient double dosage to 2,000IU/day for further 3 months + (again) re-test – and so on until Vitamin D optimal level is achieved.

This very conservative supplementation regime obviously has implications for all concerned (currently Medicare only allow Vitamin D testing no less than 6 monthly durations on patients). BUT the study’s Doctor warns patients must be evaluated over some months to establish that individual’s Vitamin D requirements before an ‘optimal dosage’ is ascertained.

Since 2003 my own regular pathology reviews with the study’s Doctor has found I am one of these individuals with the genetic ‘mutation’ that causes my thyroid function to be “extremely sensitive” to Vitamin D. Most recently only 2,000-3,000IU/day causes my thyroid function to fluctuate widely; my Adrenals work too hard – and I descend in to hyperthyroidism!!

My Vitamin D levels – initially 8,000IU/day to stabilise my hypothyroid state – has gradually been lowered to 1000IU/day. At the time of writing my pathology results suggest I can tolerate NO MORE without a de-stabilising affect on my thyroid function.

I will leave it to the Doctor conducting this important Study to announce his findings to all interested and relevant groups. He is my Mentor in thyroid-adrenal issues but I am also blessed to be in his care for my hypothyroidism.

I will be revising my own Trichology articles and suggestions to my Clients of this new and important finding.

*I remain indebted to Dr.PVZ (UNSW) for his patience + my continued education in this fascinating area of Medicine.