“Hello … are you a real Trichologist..?”

“Hello … are you a real Trichologist..?”  was initially the odd opening question I received from a young married Mother recently. After assuring her I believed I was, she proceeded to tell me how she’d seen two other individuals calling themselves ‘Trichologists’ – but who in fact were employed by – and only offered the treatment programs of – two multinational hair loss companies.

One presented her with a pre-printed prescription request for Minoxidil*, as well as treatment program ‘contracts’ they were flogging. The other (apparently) informed her she should see a Psychologist for her anxiety, but was also savvy enough to sell her a $2,500 laser cap to “help her out”.

She advised me the cap had been “totally useless” in stopping her hair loss let alone stimulating any hair regrowth. Neither apparently bothered to even look at the few blood test results she’d brought with her (done by her GP)….

If they had – AND presuming they knew how to read them – these ‘trichology wannabes’ would have seen her iron stores were three points above being depleted (i.e.:<20ug/L); about six times under where her iron stores should ideally be for her age….

Subsequent testing by me revealed Adrenal fatigue (Cortisol insufficiency), a thyroid conversion ‘corruption’ (i.e.: t4 to rt3 at the expense of t3) – which is where this Woman’s agitation, anxiety and constant tears were coming from … not that these ‘trichology pretenders’ would have the training, knowledge or human sensitivity to realise what they were looking at.

I continue to urge those with hair loss/scalp concerns – especially Women – do NOT trust your health to a ‘paid-on-commission’ salesperson parading themselves as a qualified hair loss authority. If they are NOT assessing you as an individual but providing a ‘one-treatment-suits-all program at exorbitant cost – it is unlikely to correct the reason/s for your hair loss AND you are wasting your money.

The young Mother mentioned above could have ‘swum’ in the Minoxidil and worn this laser cap 24/7 and 365 days of the year – they would never have corrected her underlying issues of depleted iron stores and thyroid-adrenal axis disturbance.

* Client related to me she asked the consultant ‘what’ was in the Minoxidil topical solution as she was planning on having another child this year. The moron selling it apparently giggled and said “Sorry I can’t tell you …. its our trade secret”!?

So much for duty of care…!