‘Cleanskin’ Activance – or another scam from ‘Sam the man’??

Dear Readers,

I have been alerted to an online website apparently devoted to the tracking & ‘exposure’ of the “colorful” Sam Cohen. Cohen has a long & notorious history in this industry & I’ll leave it to the interested reader to acquaint themselves.

My concern is the criticism seemingly being directed at the natural nutrient product  Activance Rhodanide, which I recommend (mainly as the exclusive Practitioner Formula) to aid in ‘treatment acceleration’ of the hair & scalp whilst underlying issues (usually) causing the condition are being addressed.

This very safe & versatile natural topical treatment has proven itself to be very effective as 1st line treatment to decrease scalp hair shedding & inflamed, irritated or itching scalp for my Clients.

However many problems affecting the hair or scalp are the result of internal disturbance or deficiency – or hormonal conversion issues – and must be addressed by an experienced & qualified Practitioner.This vital link is where most hair loss companies; those selling hair treatment products online or in stores & even many Medical Practitioners fall short & fail the client/consumer.

Most consumers are ‘over-sold’ the plethora of topical products or supplements being advertised with no thought or understanding of the true causes of hair loss.

If a person is deficient in any of the significant nutrients that drive metabolic function* or has a thyroid-adrenal or other condition that adversely affects metabolic functioning, they could ‘swim’ in Activance or Minoxidil or any of the other topical treatments on the market – with no lasting benefit – until any underlying disturbance, deficiency or disease process is also addressed.

It is my understanding Cohen is NOT being supplied by Activance Australia – the formulators of the more sophisticated forms from the original German patent. The alleged label-less bottles says it all to me; the contents could be anything. Cohen used to boast he added his “special curries” to prescription Minoxidil before Fair Trading NSW shut him down – temporarily it now seems**.

Cohen is what he always has been and will continue to be a blight on the hair loss industry until he departs this world. I ask readers & users of Activance not to see his alleged behaviour as a reflection on the effectiveness of the genuine Activance Rhodanide product range.

Anthony Pearce – Specialist Trichologist

* Iron, Vitamin D, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, optimal T3 thyroid hormone, Cortisol or other hormones.

** It is against Australian law for anyone other than a registered Doctor or Pharmacist to alter a prescription medication.