Interview with Mama Mia Women’s Network

To any interested readers, I recently gave an interview on female hair loss to Brittany from ‘The Glow’ (part of the Mama Mia Women’s Network). Here is the link: http://www.theglow.com.au/hair-and-nails/causes-of-female-hair-loss/ Warm wishes to all my readers – Anthony Pearce

anthony pearce trichology

Why consider Anthony Pearce Trichology?

Tony Pearce – Specialist Trichologist – is the Practitioner you see from initial consultation to conclusion of treatment. Unlike the multinational ‘sales-driven’ hair loss companies, you aren’t subjected to a ‘play on your hair loss anxieties’ sales pitch or locked into a signed, legal and…

Nutrition and Your Hair

Whoever coined the phrase “you are what you eat” was probably thinking about the health of their hair when they said it! In truth this cliché’ should read: “You are what you eat and what your body can absorb and utilise….” With the exception of…

Head Lice – Facts and Fallacies

There are many myths and rumours associated with contracting and treating head lice. To help dispel some of these seemingly perennial misconceptions I have been asked to provide this information sheet. ‘Pediculosis Capitis’ in the medical term for head lice. Head lice are tiny mites…