The Laser Therapy Revival

Low level laser light therapy (LLLT) has been recognised as an effective treatment modality since the 1950’s. When used by qualified operators, LLLT is very safe, versatile and valuable primary or adjunct therapy. Unlike Dermatology or other surgical laser devices, LLLT is ‘bio-stimulating’ not tissue…

About LLLT

What is Laser ‘BIO-STIMULATION’..? ‘Bio-stimulation’ is the positive initiation of diverse biological processes in organisms to enhance body tissues, systems or function. When applied to organic tissue, low level laser light (LLLT) stimulates the light-sensitive intracellular structures and molecules within the skin. This in turn…

Ageing begins on the inside

In 2004 a 25 year longitudinal Australian study reported what most health practitioners regard as a “given” – that the lifestyle decisions we make before age 40 determines how long we’ll live, our quality of health in older age, and our susceptibility to chronic illness….

IMPORTANT !! Update on Vitamin D supplementation

An as yet unpublished longitudinal study* suggests there is NO minimal ‘across the board’ RDI (supplementation) for 25-OH Vitamin D. I would argue no-one is surprised than me, as I’ve long trumpeted the Vitamin D view (+ that of other progressive researchers) 5000IU/day is minimum…