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Female pattern hair loss not always Genetic

As a Trichologist specialising in female hair loss since 1999, I’ve treated thousands of women across the world for thinning scalp hair density. The trends I’ve observed in many women has led me to believe – despite prevailing medical opinion – there are two forms…

Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss – an Interpretation

Iron Deficiency and Hair Loss – an Interpretation As a continuously growing & metabolically-active tissue, hair requires high levels of available nutrients for hair cell DNA synthesis & development. In terms of nutrient supply however, hair is a ‘non-essential’ tissue – receiving its full nutrient…

Insulin-induced ‘pattern’ hair loss

From the time I resolved concentrate on female hair loss issues as a professional specialism, I was never convinced – or more honestly asked by my female clients not to be convinced – that ‘pattern’ hair loss (in women) is always ‘inherited’. After almost 20…

Ageing begins on the inside

In 2004 a 25 year longitudinal Australian study reported what most health practitioners regard as a “given” – that the lifestyle decisions we make before age 40 determines how long we’ll live, our quality of health in older age, and our susceptibility to chronic illness….