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What is Laser ‘BIO-STIMULATION’..? ‘Bio-stimulation’ is the positive initiation of diverse biological processes in organisms to enhance body tissues, systems or function. When applied to organic tissue, low level laser light (LLLT) stimulates the light-sensitive intracellular structures and molecules within the skin. This in turn…

children's hair loss

Hair loss in children & adolescents (an overview)

There are many congenital conditions that potentially affect normal hair growth, but it’s thankfully infrequent for a child to be troubled with anything more than hair fall of a temporary kind. When problems do arise most can be treated successfully with simple alterations to the…

anthony pearce trichology

Why consider Anthony Pearce Trichology?

Tony Pearce – Specialist Trichologist – is the Practitioner you see from initial consultation to conclusion of treatment. Unlike the multinational ‘sales-driven’ hair loss companies, you aren’t subjected to a ‘play on your hair loss anxieties’ sales pitch or locked into a signed, legal and…


It’s interesting how much you can get away with saying using ‘media spin’ – particularly in this country*. The two big boys on the Australian hair loss treatment scene are both multinational companies slugging it out for your hair dollar – let’s call them ‘Ashlee’ and ‘Shayne’….

Before winter arrives “expose yourself!!”

“Every winter I seem to catch colds and ‘flu continually.”… “My muscles and joints always seem to ache; I’m tired and my hair is falling out…”… “I’m now mid-life and the illnesses of old age loom large and concern me – how can I avoid…

Nutrition and Your Hair

Whoever coined the phrase “you are what you eat” was probably thinking about the health of their hair when they said it! In truth this cliché’ should read: “You are what you eat and what your body can absorb and utilise….” With the exception of…

Ageing begins on the inside

In 2004 a 25 year longitudinal Australian study reported what most health practitioners regard as a “given” – that the lifestyle decisions we make before age 40 determines how long we’ll live, our quality of health in older age, and our susceptibility to chronic illness….

Head Lice – Facts and Fallacies

There are many myths and rumours associated with contracting and treating head lice. To help dispel some of these seemingly perennial misconceptions I have been asked to provide this information sheet. ‘Pediculosis Capitis’ in the medical term for head lice. Head lice are tiny mites…

IMPORTANT !! Update on Vitamin D supplementation

An as yet unpublished longitudinal study* suggests there is NO minimal ‘across the board’ RDI (supplementation) for 25-OH Vitamin D. I would argue no-one is surprised than me, as I’ve long trumpeted the Vitamin D view (+ that of other progressive researchers) 5000IU/day is minimum…

How do we ‘Detoxify’ our Organ of Detoxification..?

‘Liver detoxification’ has long been the mantra of most Natural Therapists – and sometimes rightly so – but HOW does one detoxify our organ of detoxification – i.e.: the liver? The question is rhetorical of course, and in some ways is a contradiction in terms….