Vitamins, Minerals and your Thyroid-what your Doctor may not know

Upon completing my Trichology studies I decided to specialise in female hair loss issues. I’d discovered early – contrary to general opinion – female hair loss is quite complex in what both influences and impels it. Moreover there seemed to be few Practitioners around who…

Thinning scalp hair in Indian + sub-continent Women (+Men)

Throughout the world, Women of Indian heritage have long been admired for their luxurious, true black hair that shines like polished ebony. The scalp hair is strong, coarse and possesses a gentle, rolling wave that flows as they walk.  Most can grow their hair ‘Rapunzel-like’…

Why Iron levels remain Low

Iron is arguably the most important nutrient to our body’s functioning because it ’switches-on’ most body systems; very little is activated within the body without sufficient iron. Iron storage (termed: ‘Ferritin’) is the accepted stable + most reliable indicator of the body’s true iron status.

The Erosion of clinical Trichology – my distress

I may be traditional in my views on ethical behaviour but to me the ‘raison d’etre’ of a qualified Trichologist is: Investigation (of the patient’s presenting problem) Explanation (as to the type of hair or scalp problem the patient exhibits and contributing causes through evidential…

Thyroid Problems? Listen to your cells!

As the ever-increasing numbers of people diagnosed with the various forms of thyroid gland dysfunction will tell you, correcting the problem is more than just swallowing your prescribed Thyroxin medication*.

The Melatonin-Cortisol hormone correlation

Melatonin is a rarely discussed – or understood – hormone that is indispensable to our health and quality of life. Melatonin is a neuropeptide (form of amino acid) secreted principally by the pineal gland in the brain.


Andropause – the ‘Male Change of Life’

The male ‘mid-life’ or ‘change of life’ crisis has long been regarded an amusing anecdote; middle-aged men running off with the young secretary or purchasing a new red sports car. The reality is men can & do experience life-altering changes due to decreasing hormone levels…

Unsuccessful IVF & thinning scalp hair density – what’s the connection?

Unsuccessful IVF & thinning scalp hair density – what’s the connection? The Scenario: Young woman in her 20’s actively but unsuccessfully attempting to become pregnant. Similarly late 30’s – early 40’s woman aware of her ‘biologic clock’ & desperately seeking assistance with fertility enhancement from…