‘Before and After’ Testimonial Pictures – the Pros & Cons

In any area of beauty or where physical appearance is enhanced, ‘seeing is believing’!

And although pure Trichology should be about identifying the client’s hair loss or scalp concern; establishing the cause/s of the problem & offering appropriate treatment/s – the expected outcome is improved hair or scalp appearance.

The Pros:

  • Allows the prospective client to visually assess the experience, competence & effectiveness of a Practitioner’s prior treatment success.
  • Allows a Practitioner to present a pictorial record of treatment phases leading to final ‘aesthetically satisfying’ result for an existing client & potential clients.
  • ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is a saying which needs no explanation, & can excite budding clients in a ‘call to action’.
  • Fake or ‘photoshopped’ images that are readily picked apart within online forums will harm the reputation – deservedly or otherwise – of any company. Those who trade on their good name & reputation would be unlikely to risk such ridicule.

The Cons:

  • Consumers are completely reliant on the integrity of the Practitioner that displayed pictures are that organisation’s legitimate clients, and visual progress is a true reflection of treatments used within the timeline stated.
  • Images presented can & are readily manipulated by camera angles & lighting, tinting of the hair, styling of the hair in ‘before & afters’; hair length in ‘before & afters’, hair & scalp thickening ‘camouflage’ fibres or even the blatant deception of a fitted hairpiece! The potential for sales-driven, unscrupulous individuals or companies to parade false testimonial in or written form is boundless.
  • The purchase or trading of ‘before & after’ portfolios of pictures is a thriving commercial online business, where any aspect of the beauty industry; hair loss treatments, breast enhancement, ‘younger’ complexion or whiter teeth are catered for in both photographs & glowing written testimonials.
  • Client confidentiality may be compromised where prior consent to display images is not obtained. One 35yo male who consulted me after an expensive & dissatisfying experience with a leading hair loss company reported seeing himself in images being paraded by a rival hair loss company – and the images had been altered to appear ‘better’ than the results he actually attained!!

My personal view as a Practitioner is NOT to display or cavalcade ‘success outcomes’ – although I can see the appeal or requirement it may have for some clients needing reassurance. I prefer to stand on my reputation as an ethical & accomplished expert in my field where my treatment approach & (ultimate) outcomes speak for themselves.

I do post letters of gratitude & happy outcomes sent to me by Clients for other consumers seeking qualified professional assistance for their hair or scalp concerns.

My exception is the following progress pictures which were provided to me from appreciative parents to present to other anxious families where a child is experiencing hair loss distress.

The posting of these images is purely to reassure distressed parents that much can be achieved without subjecting the child to traumatic steroid injections or scalp biopsies –or be (absurdly) advised to purchase a wig for a 4 year old:


Copyright: Anthony Pearce 2016