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Dear Anthony – Thank you very much for your thorough email … investigation of my scalp and pathology on Saturday. I'm very pleased to have become a client of yours, thank you for taking me on. Seeing you was very validating as most other health professionals have just dismissed my problem! It's also informative to know that my issue is more so diffuse generalised pattern of thinning rather than androgenic female pattern hair loss diagnosis I’d been given - this makes me feel more hopeful that it is rectifiable. All of the information you have provided so far has been very educational, far more so than any other source (professional or website!). Kind regards – Ms. M.K. Sydney NSW
Hi Anthony, So pleased and appreciative of all your help thus far, you’re truly an amazing human being. Thank you so much! I have never felt better and can only imagine how good I will feel in the months to come. Warm regards (Mrs) P. E. Illawarra NSW
Unsure if I deserve this but good for the ego (thanks Trish)~!!
Hi Anthony, This is to let you know that I am doing so much better and I appreciate your help in my recovery. My hair is starting to grow back and my energy levels have improved substantially. I am really happy that I came to see you. Thank you so much! Thank you and kind regards, Mrs. MK - Sydney NSW
Hi Anthony I just wanted to send you a short email to thank you for your help. I believe I am in recovery , today I had my hair done by a hairdresser and we discussed what I had been through. It was plain to see ... I have indeed plenty of hair regrowth. I am very much a fan of the supplements. I feel within myself a lot better energy wise and feel with more time my hair will get back to how it was. I intend to continue on this path and make progress. I thank you for being there with your knowledge and wisdom. Without your help I would of been left to fight this alone. Kind Regards Mrs. T.N. - Qld Sent from my iPhone
Comments like this make it all worthwhile!
Dear Tony - Thank you so much! I can't express my gratitude for your help, support and wonderful, warm demeanor. (Mrs. K.Q. - Illawarra NSW)
Dr. T as I affectionately call him was the ONLY person who cared enough to listen and probe and test to get to the bottom of my hair loss issues... and now I have hair again. And I live in the US and have never met Dr. T face-to-face - that's how good he is. Every other person I consulted prior to that was arrogant or bored or greedy or too lazy - or a combination of them all - to truly diagnose my issue.
A lovely (unsolicited) Facebook comment which I’ll endeavor to live up to!
Hi Tony, Thank you so much for your report; your information is so good I could almost cry at your knowledge. You have answered more and given me more insight in the last week than every GP or doctor has in the last 12-18 months. Kind regards - Mrs. N.Z. (Tasmania)
Comment most appreciated!!
Hi Tony, I want to advise you that my beard hair has come back 100%. Most importantly I feel better than ever with the nutrient deficiencies you found and treated. (As my beard is very important to my Faith) ... I am ecstatic and over the moon! Thank you so much for all of your help!! Kind Regards, Mr. M.J - Melbourne, Vic.
Successful treatment of an annoying male condition (Alopecia barbae)
Hi Anthony & Kim - I want to share this with you; I now have all new hair growth through the back, front & sides! My hairdresser of the past 20 years was almost in tears for me - along with me! I (still) pinch myself this & cannot thank you enough, I couldn't have achieved this without your help! Much love xx Ms. LB. NSW
Lovely Compliment from a Happy Client!
Hi Tony I would just like to thank you and inform you that my hair has started growing back - better and stronger! You were so right! I have been eating properly (but still have to manage my stress). I think it will still take a little longer to get my full head of hair back, but I'm positive, and hope you think so too? Getting a scalp biopsy was the worst decision as the diagnosis they gave me freaked me out and made me stress so much my hair started rapidly falling out. I can't thank you enough for how patient, understanding and knowledgeable you are. Thank you again!! Ms. Kate P. (Sydney)
‘Hair .. hair .. hair’!!
Good morning Tony, Thank you for your time last week and for taking the time to understand my concerns. You have given me hope - and you actually listened to me - unlike many medical practitioners that casually brush off my symptoms and offer no solutions. I have read a lot of your blog and truly admire your passion, and I look forward to finding a way not only to manage my hair but my overall health. Many thanks Ms. K.H. - Central Coast, NSW
Hi Anthony I just wanted to thank for your continued help and not putting me in the too hard basket; just telling me its stress because you have no idea, like the 3 other trichologists I saw. I am looking forward to finally having a reason for my hair not growing! Thank you kindly Mrs. M.E. - Sydney
Loss of scalp hair can be a process of “just keep looking”….
Hi Tony, I just wanna let you know that the treatment is going great so far, the (nutritional supplement) powder has really helped. My energy and concentration have rapidly improved over the past few weeks and I honestly can say that I feel like a completely different person. Also my anxiety, which was a big issue has improved dramatically, overall I just feel better, it's hard to describe but its great. The way I have been feeling as of late has been amazing, so thank you so much for that!! Mr. J.D (Sydney)
Nice comment from a ‘happy’ young man
Hi Tony Thought I would send you this photo taken at my hairdresser's recently so that you can see the results of your craft ! I know that you have seen tons of people since you saw me so long ago on 30 April 2011 (I only remember this because it was the day after Kate and Wills wedding) and that it is unlikely you will remember our appointment (when I was so distressed and my thin and broken dyed blond hair was falling out in your hands). Since our appointment in 2011 I have followed your advice and have done everything you recommended – although there were a few hiccups along the way, which you helped me sort out - such as hormone replacement as a contributor to my problem. I am still using Activance, which I believe made a difference in the first week of use! I also discontinued the dyeing of my hair about 3 years ago, because it burned my scalp and you thought it may have been part of the problem. So, many years later, I have had no further hair loss and even though my hair is now quite grey.... it's thick and healthy and natural-looking for my stage of life! .... not at all like that that fried, fine, broken and falling hair you helped me to manage back in 2011.! So I just wanted to say THANK YOU !! I have no doubt at all if I had not found you and had continued with GP's/mainstream medicine - my story would be very different!
Mrs. H.P – Canberra ACT
Hello Tony Your diagnosis that my excessive hair loss was due to me stopping the pill was spot on. My hair loss rapidly decreased, and now I am hardly losing any hair. Thank you so much.
LF – Hong Kong
I really do feel that the condition of my hair has improved and that I have gone some ways toward arresting the inevitable to a rate I am happy with... also, you were great laser company and I am glad personally that you were the provider of my treatment. If I can help out your new clients with the reassurance side of things let me know - just send them my way.
David P – Sydney
Thank you once again for your thorough report (into my hair loss problems). If only all doctors were like you! I did read all the information you sent me and I found this information extremely helpful in understanding this and other (unrelated) health issues I have been experiencing without obvious reason. I genuinely appreciate all your efforts and advice. As one of many women who've had ample negative experiences with other Health Practitioners rejecting my symptoms as "unexplainable" - I can only say that you are a truly remarkable health care professional.
Mrs. S F – Sydney
Hi Tony, I just wanted to quickly touch base with you re my progress. My hair thinning has significantly slowed down and everything seems to be returning to normal! I am continuing to take the supplements and use the Activance daily. I can not thank you enough for your help Tony - this is a huge relief and you provided such wonderful support for me during a very stressful time.
Miss T.F. – Brisbane
Hi Tony, Thank you very much for your email and attached reports. I found these very helpful and insightful. I have no doubt that you are on the right track with regard to diagnosis. I will also show my G.P your report as it is an excellent example of a specialist finally looking at things that matter. Thank you again for all your help. I feel a lot better about the whole issue now.
Mrs. A.P – Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Tony, I am writing this to you to in appreciation for what you have done for me. Please show this to any woman who has ‘done the rounds' of Doctors, Dermatologists or (worse) hair loss companies and may have given up all hope in finding a solution (to her hair or scalp problem –sic): “Female hair loss is terrifying but after visiting Tony Pearce I did feel like finally someone understood me. I had very low iron levels but did not make the link between iron and hair loss. Tony's knowledge of this along with his great understanding of the heartache hair loss can cause a woman was astounding and reassuring. Acknowledging the importance of various vitamins the human body needs and taking the supplement Tony prescribes has seen me triple my iron levels and dramatically decreased my hair loss. I can't be more appreciative."
Ms. B.L. – Sydney
We all know we live in a world brought closer to each other by the internet & more technology then I could name.! As a 'baby boomer' now in my early 60's - it still intrigues me just "how much" the online world puts us in touch with people around the world who we are never likely to meet in person. My niche' business as Trichologist specialising in female & autoimmune hair/scalp issues highlights this, and I regularly receive online/skype consultation inquiries from around the world. Clients from North America, UK and Asia who place their faith in me to investigate & treat their hair loss concerns is a special compliment to me that I am also honored by.... Here is a message from a Toronto, Canada: I have read so many of your articles as I have two daughters suffering from hair loss I have found you to be a huge source of knowledge and wish you were much closer. You are so spot on with your knowledge ..! One of my daughter's suffers from hormonal and Hashimoto hair loss and the other from nutritional /gut dysregulation hair loss, and I know that in both cases you are truly a wealth of information . Thanks so much ... I look forward to working with you. (Mrs. L.I. - Toronto Canada)
Mrs. L.I. – Toronto Canada
Hi Tony, Thank you so much :) I wanted to tell you I keep getting compliments about my hair!! A friend who I hadn’t seen for a while thought that I had extra hair extensions ... Unbelievable!!! And my nails are growing like crazy now also. Its wonderful & I'm so happy - thank you so much for helping me.
A very happy Client
Hi Tony, It was a pleasure recommending C.B. We've both been through so much with our hair, and its great to find someone who cares.
Mrs. GP – Sydney
Dear Tony I gave my Doctor your brochure & card, & assured her you were the best Trichologist in NSW. She was impressed because she knows I don't praise unnecessarily!
Mrs. A.Mc K. – North Shore, NSW
Hi Tony I first came to you mid last year with a hair loss problem which you diagnosed as being medication related. I am extremely happy to report that my hair now is the best it has ever been in my life. As long as I can remember, my hair was almost completely straight - with hardly a 'wave' at all. The 'new hair' has a lot of 'body' and 'wave', and is in the best condition ever. I get comments quite often, asking if I have had a perm, but since losing the hair I have not had it permed (and no longer have a need to). It is really shiny and so easy to style now. It is in really good condition, and my hairdresser comments each time I see her what beautiful condition it is in. She has been my hairdresser for many years, so she is also very happy to see the difference in the 'new hair'. I just wanted to say another thank you for all your help and support, and to let you know that I feel like a new woman, and my hair looking and feeling beautiful helps me feel even better. THANK YOU TONY – YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL !!!!
Ms. L.I. – NSW
It is great to see results with your treatments in such a short time. I notice a difference especially when I style my hair, I can style it in ways that I could only style it a few years ago. I also notice that I am losing less hair in general and my hair feels healthier, thicker as well. Can’t wait to see the final result!
Mr. K.H – Sydney (Company Director)
I am one of many males who was about to sign up to the (name suppressed by order of this company) method without truly understanding what I was signing up for. I'd like to address (my problem) with the help of a qualified health practitioner such as you. Thanks for providing a little more insight into the different services available and what to expect.
Mr. FD – Melbourne
Dear Mr. Pearce, I am very grateful for any recommendations/advice you have for me, I have read abundantly on the internet since my problem started, unfortunately there are no doctors in my area that know/care anything about female hair loss. The internet is a vast storehouse of bad and good information, however your writing definitely attracted my attention ...your vast clinical experience is priceless as well, I haven't even found a doctor who admits to ever having seen a patient with this type of ... hair loss. It is truly amazing that I can consult with an expert literally halfway around the globe!
Dr. K.R. (Physician) – USA
Hi Tony, I am DELIGHTED to tell you that my hair is regrowing! I have hundreds of little hairs everywhere and it is looking so much healthier, and thicker already. I cannot thank you enough. I will happily be a reference for you as many times as you need!
Mrs. SG. – Florida, USA
I have been a client of (name suppressed by order of this company) for the past 6 years and after realizing what an expensive mistake it has been I have begun sourcing other options. They charge $500.00 for a single (100ml) bottle of Minoxidil. Out of all the sites I have viewed yours is the only one that seemed to make any sense.
Mr. RC – Brisbane QLD
Hi Tony, I am very excited and happy to tell you that my hair has regrown - all of it! .... eliminating gluten, I feel so much better all round ... Count me as another success story and THANK YOU SO MUCH. This has truly changed my life. Take care
Mrs S.G – Florida, USA
I am so very grateful to you for your help, kindness and understanding throughout my and my children's trials with hair loss and can honestly say that I don't know what I would've done without your expertise and help.
Mrs G.G – Canada
I want to say thank you. I can see the recipe really work on me. I believe it will help me regain my confidence one day. I am very appreciate of that.
Mr. Zhan Z. – China
To all female hair loss sufferers: I volunteered this testimonial to Tony Pearce. At 49yo I was really concerned about my thinning hair, particularly in the crown area but it was getting worse all over and I was feeling increasingly self conscious about it. After treatment as instructed by Tony I started to notice a difference after about 4-6 weeks and it continued to improve so that now my hair is just not an issue any more. My hairdresser, who I have had for eight years, said unless she had seen it for herself she would not have believed the difference. Apart from the change in my hair I feel so much better generally and have more energy than I used to as well. I am an extremely happy client, am amazed at how well this treatment has worked and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is worried about thinning hair and hair loss. Kind regards + thanks again
Dear Tony, I am very grateful to you for your approach to my health ...the change in me is remarkable and I no longer spend Sunday afternoon sleeping for 3 or 4 hours because I am so fatigued. I am doing my thesis this year and have got back on track with my study because I have so much energy and am not falling asleep at my desk. The supplements and the red meat have certainly done the trick. Good news on the scalp front - my scalp continues to recover and the quality of my hair has improved greatly. When I brush it the quantity of hair that is lost is certainly less and it is starting to get some body back into it. There is also some new hair growth on a bare area on the crown, the hair is fine but it is growing.
Ms A.M – North Coast, NSW
Hi Tony - Just wanted to let you know an incredible thing - my hair is falling out HALF as much in the shower, I suppose since I started taking the powder, which has only been a week or so. I don't know if it's attributable to that, but the other thing that happened immediately is that my tongue, which has been pale and furry since September, became pink and normal and happy-looking. Hmm: a sign of progress, perhaps. That shampoo you kindly sent is also LOVELY and makes my hair look much happier.
Ms V.K – NY City, NY
Looks like your therapy works for me! Now there is very little hair falling when I shower in the morning. There is also new baby hairs noticeably growing all over my head. I didn't expect your treatment to work so well for me so quickly ... thank you Tony!
Mr C.K – Thailand