About LLLT

What is Laser ‘BIO-STIMULATION’..?

‘Bio-stimulation’ is the positive initiation of diverse biological processes in organisms to enhance body tissues, systems or function.

When applied to organic tissue, low level laser light (LLLT) stimulates the light-sensitive intracellular structures and molecules within the skin. This in turn initiates cellular chain reactions, triggering secondary response effects that is not solely restricted to the ‘target’ treatment areas – but may beneficially involve the whole body.


LLLT of the red/deep red spectrum has proven therapeutic tissue repair and regenerative actions as well as immune system-stimulating processes. Bio-destructive lasers are used to burn or destroy unwanted skin growths or malignancies in hospital operating theatres or Dermatology clinics. There is NO thermal (heat) component generated by ‘cool/soft’ laser appliances in the red/deep red spectrum (600-1000nm wavelength)*.


The ‘soft’ natural effects of LLLT acts in a truly natural way by supporting the body’s own regenerative capacity and healing potential. Once conveyed to the skin structures, this light energy promotes the process of bio-stimulation.

Laser light therapy (LLLT) has been recognised as an effective treatment modality since the 1950’s. When used by qualified operators, LLLT is very safe, versatile and valuable primary or adjunct therapy.

Whether the wavelength emitted is ‘coherent’ or ‘non-coherent’*, the bio-stimulating light released is similar to the electromagnetic spectrum produced naturally by our Sun – but with NO adverse UVA/UVB radiation risks.


Low level Laser Light Therapy is a safe, versatile + effective treatment modality where increasing skin blood flow (vaso-dilation) + decreasing inflammatory response is indicated (almost every skin condition).

Recent studies** have now found LLLT to be as effective as Botox*** injections or chemical face peels for fine lines and skin rejuvenation without the invasive, unwanted risks that accompany chemical or injection procedures. These include:

  • permanent ‘trout pout’ of the lips or ’frozen face’
  • skin irritation or (sometimes) permanent skin hypersensitivity or redness (termed ‘erythema’) of acid peels

Although considered an adjunct treatment where internal causes are the primary focus, LLLT will accelerate healing/recovery of the hair loss or scalp problem whilst the underlying cause/s are being corrected.

LLLT is one treatment modality which remains true to the Hippocratic Oath: Primum non nocere (“First, do no harm”) – and Vis Medicatrix Naturae (“Honour the healing power of Nature”)
Laser Hair Care 3000/4000 are 670nm wavelength ** Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology;
David Goldberg MD Professor of Dermatology Mt.Sinai School of Medicine NY USA; Dr Curtis Crasto Research Scientist in LED Photo-rejuvenation ;
Associate Professor Dr. Michael Hamblin – Wellman Centre for Photo-Medicine (Mass. USA)
***Botox is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.